Date: Dec 2011

The Annual Shareholder Meeting of the new INJEX Pharma AG in Berlin  ended up successfully


The projected figures for 2012 INJEX – The  needle-free syringe – are increasing

The Annual Shareholder Meeting of Paketeria AG took place on the 16th of December. All decisions were approved by nearly 100% of the shareholders after a presentation by the CEO, Mr Andy Rösch.

In accordance with the decisions reached, Paketeria will be renamed as INJEX Pharma AG. The INJEX Pharma AG will take over all shares (100%) in INJEX Pharma GmbH. As part of the capital increase the number of shares will reach approx 3.3 million shares. This was based on an expert evaluation which was presented by an independent auditor and the relevant district court. The enterprise value was based on audited figures of 11.2 million Euro based on November 2011 data.

Forecast figures for 2012 will be adjusted upward. A turnover of approximately 40 Million Euro and an income before tax of 3.7 million € are expected. The increase is due to a new agreement and a strong partnership with the outermost region in the Middle East. The company will be informing the shareholders separately about these measures.  

The CEO reported over the previous procedures of insolvency and the role of the Volksbanken, cooperative unions and consulting department of the Institutes, GenoConsult GmbH. Most shareholders were appalled and angry.

Detailed information about production, which has been running since October was reported. The  5 million euro financing offer from New York is not yet been used, MMB Medical Marketing Berlin GmbH has secured the finances with the support of business partners and thus prevented the company stock from any further dilution.

Mr. Rosch reported further on ongoing negotiations with pharmaceutical and generic companies later this week. Negotiations are taking place with two companies before Christmas.  Furthermore, a new application for a new use of intra-dermal injection was introduced. This option opens up extensive opportunities and negotiations with pharmaceutical companies. The described application is also an opportunity that paves the way for painless needle-free Botox injections in the future.

Extensive information about the Annual Shareholder Meeting and further details will be published in further press releases. Investor relations should be strengthened worldwide to make international investors and promoters aware of the company’s potential and to optimize existing relationships.

The general annual meeting was held with the participation of a representative from the Protection of Investors Association (SDK). His questions were fully answered in detail and in a positive manner

The end of the event became lively and the Shareholders were thrilled and enthusiastic as Mr Rösch gave the shareholders a needle free and painless injection!